Strong Hearts

Everyone’s heart is different from each loves this,and the others don’t. sometimes they’re changing their minds. however,these hearts,will lead to destruction quickly. A person with a ‘Strong Heart’,never forgets love,blessings,Dreams and Honor. You don’t have these things? then change your life! A person with a ‘Strong Heart’ helps others,sacrifices. i’d rather die than have a weak heart.don’t worry. in the end,we’ll be together again. if you want, i’ll be the one who will fetch you. so we can meet.before others meet you. you need to have a STRONG HEART.



What? wings symbolize Monsters? no! we think these “wings” symbolize monsters! obviously because people don’t have wings. it’s not common to them. “Wings” symbolize freedom to those who have none,even to all. “Wings” don’t mean monsters.What do you mean you don’t believe me? Search for “What do wings symbolize?” in google. the answer is the same as i told you. MONSTERS are imaginary! don’t tell me you’re still scared of monsters! Every time you say “Wings symbolize monsters!”,an angel dies. or even a saint.or even worse!So does it mean angels are monsters? Does it mean SAINTS are monsters? Even GOD is a monster?! three words once again. WINGS.SYMBOLIZE.FREEDOM

Don’t Give up

What if it looks hopeless? if it’s me,i still won’t give up. do i need a hand? no! Concentrate.the world is completely destroyed.

You don’t know what to do.what? you’re giving up? hah. remember,if you give up, you lose. if you go on, you will win.

why do you give up anyway?’cause you’re tired?, ’cause you’re hopeless?,’cause you don’t want to do things anymore?

How bad, my friend, these words i am saying, they’re true. don’t give up. if others do, if others want, if others need.

Sick? we’ll find a cure. Bleeding? we’ll stop it. amputated? we’ll buy you a wheelchair. what? you just gonna give up

and die? that’s shameful. the three words of wisdom: DON’T.GIVE.UP. Remember that!!! 😀